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¬_¬ To Arrange a war add AfRoBiZzLe! to X-Fire: seuny2k

¬_¬ IRC: #SouthKingZ , Please Idle and Support :)

**Challenge Details**

¬_¬ We do not play on friday and saturday, unless its arranged on the day, due to some of us having a social life :P

¬_¬ Nights That AfRo's Beloved 'Manchester United' Play On Are Officially Known in SouthKingz As 'No Official War' Nights, To Respect the Event with all diginity that is due :x


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Full Name: SouthK!nGz Gaming
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Registered: 11 April 2006
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Recruitment: Not recruiting
Status: Old
Admin contact: No admin assigned

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League - 1st Call of Duty 2
Division Winners
Search & Destroy
Season 4




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