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Eternal Brotherhood plays in the EDOM (Eurodomination) S&D Royal Medical Corps Ladder.

We are a semi-serious clan, in that we have a policy of giving everyone a game no matter their skill level. We believe that most players can get to a certain level by playing in EDOM Matches, so we ensure that if our members want to play, they play.

Our recruitment policy is based on 21+ (although this does get waved) and a two week probation period in which new recruits are expected to be on Pisstakespeak to see if they get on with everyone.

The majority of members are old farts, most of us have families and kids, so we tend to play our matches after 8pm. We've been around in some shape or form for a good five years, with a core of around 10 players. The majority of our players play other games, notably PES and TOCA racing, aswell as some fluffies who chase orks around with blunt instruments in WOW apparently fighting over who gets to name themselves wolf or some derivative of (bane appears very dijou at the moment).

We are very proud of the fact that we are an equal opportunities clan, with several deprived northerners, some people who think they live in the shire (middle earth, otherwise known as the outskirts of Birmingham to the rest of us), a woman (long suffering), and a scottish bloke with an accent that no-one understands. As you have probably guessed, we are a lean, mean fighting machine and are feared throughout the world of COD4. Despite chronic, comic ill-discipline, we do boast the ability to field teams 3 nights a week (Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays) and are on very rare occasions organised enough, if there is no football on, to have training sessions, although these strats appear to go in one ear and out the other when comes to the crunch, and usually results in some mild mannered banter on how duff we are and a bit of friendly finger pointing. EB are infamous for inventing the strat of fragging oneself to ensure the opponents don't get UAV.

New recruits are always welcome. Xfire Topcat007 for more information.
Full Name: Eternal Brotherhood
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Registered: 16 August 2006
Steam Group Not set
Calendar: Link to clan vwar/calendar
Recruitment: Invite only (Minimum age: 21)
Status: Old
Admin contact: No admin assigned

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Supporter - Bronze Euro Domination Supporter Tournament - 1st Call of Duty 4
Road to Victory Tournament
S&D Group 4
Season 3




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