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"The Incredibles"

Alive since November 2004

The Incredibles are made up of serious and dedicated on-line gamers who appreciate both the competitive and fun side of on-line gaming.

We are a mature group of people working towards excellence in gaming whilst building relationships based upon mutual respect and co-operation. Our goal is to be one of the best Call of Duty Clans in the UK. Our aim is to get on with the matter in hand, (Winning Matches), without getting caught up in the darker side of gaming such as abuse and disputes.

Whilst our players have been recruited on the basis of good playing ability, the most important criteria is their ability to show one another mutual respect and support, particularly on comms during matches or when simply having fun.

Fozzy >> (Clan Leader)
Bacbuk >> (Deputy Leader/Website Administrator/War Arranger)
Full Name: The Incredibles
Country: Europe Europe
Registered: 27 July 2009
Steam Group Not set
Calendar: Not set
Recruitment: Recruiting (Minimum age: 18)
Status: Inactive
Admin contact: from

Battle Stats and Conduct Ratings

No or insufficient matches played recently.
Cup - 1st Call of Duty : Black Ops
Winter Cup 2011
S&D Basic Mode
January 2011


Game Description Server IP Type PBBans Streaming
Black Ops -( i )- Match Server Netherlands Private Not streaming


This clan is currently not in any competitions.