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Full Name: HIGHJ!NX
Country: Europe Europe
Registered: 22 May 2010
Steam Group Not set
Calendar: Not set
Recruitment: Recruiting (Minimum age: 18)
Status: Inactive
Admin contact: from

Battle Stats and Conduct Ratings

No or insufficient matches played recently.
League - 1st Call of Duty 4
Euro Domination League
Winner - League One
S&D ProMod
Season 1
Cup - 2nd Call of Duty 4
2nd place
Autumn Promod Cup
Search & Destroy
October 2010
Cup - 3rd CoD4 HC Autumn Cup 2010 Cup - 2nd Call of Duty Black Ops
Runners Up
Night Cup
S&D Basic Mode
March 2011
Cup - 3rd Call of Duty Black Ops
3rd Place
Night Cup 2
S&D Original Mode
June 2011




This clan is currently not in any competitions.