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*OCB* or the Old Crabbit Bastards have been around for a few years now.Starting out as a bunch of indaviduals who were playing a diverse bunch of games from COD2, Quake3, HL2 Deatmatch,Tribes and many others.Coming together to form a fun clan in ET Quake Wars, still one of the finest objective based shooters going. the Clan quickly grew, our emphasis on having fun and generaly not being dicks gathering a like minded group of players, our server was and to an extent still is one of the most popular in that game due to our lack of rules except for the not being a dick one.Forming friendships with other players and clans which have carried over to other games, we have a healthy standing in the gaming Universe.Now playing BFBC2 as well as a few others our servers are always a fun place to be, with a healthy ireverence for those who take themselves to seriously (including ourselves).
Full Name: Owld Crabbit Bastarts
Country: Scotland Scotland
Registered: 14 October 2010
Steam Group Not set
Calendar: Not set
Recruitment: Recruiting (Minimum age: 18)
Status: Inactive
Admin contact: from

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Game Description Server IP Type PBBans Streaming
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Public United Kingdom Public Not streaming
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ocb war server United Kingdom Private Not streaming
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Rackage Public Server United Kingdom Public Not streaming


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