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Full Name: United Deadly Force
Country: Europe Europe
Registered: 08 January 2011
Steam Group Not set
Calendar: Link to clan vwar/calendar
Recruitment: Not recruiting
Status: Inactive
Admin contact: from

Battle Stats and Conduct Ratings

No or insufficient matches played recently.
Cup - 3rd Call of Duty : Black Ops
3rd Place
Winter Cup 2011
S&D Hardcore Mode
January 2011
Open Ladder Activity - Gold (250) Activity Medal
Gold - 250+ Matches
Black Ops Open Ladder
September 2011
Cup - 1st Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Night Cup
S&D HC Basic
Intermediate Playoff
December 2011

Tournament - 1st Modern Warfare 3
Road to Victory Tournament
S&D Hardcore
Premier Division
Season 8
Cup - 2nd Black Ops
Runners Up
Summer Cup
July 2012
Tournament - 1st Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Road to Victory Tournament
S&D Hardcore
First Division
Season 12
Easter Egg Clan Member UNDF-w00x
Easter Egg Competition
Shared Winner
Easter 2012
Cup - 2nd Clan Member MorroW
Modern Warfare 3 (SC)
Runner Up
Deathmatch Cup
December 2011


Game Description Server IP Type PBBans Streaming
Black Ops undf S&d server England Public Not streaming
Black Ops war server United Kingdom Private Not streaming


Game Division Gametype(s) Ruleset(s) Position
Black Ops 2 Winter Cup HC S&D E-Dom HC 1
Black Ops 2 Winter Cup CTF E-Dom HC Original 6
Black Ops 2 Winter Cup Dem DEM E-Dom Original 1
Black Ops 2 First Division S&D E-Dom HC 3
Black Ops 2 Spring Cup S&D E-Dom HC 9