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-- What is Joke|Clan ? ---

Joke|Clan was started in March 2007. Our member list is very diverse in age range as well as nationality.
The clan was founded by JudgeDredd and Notorious with the purpose of becoming a Call Of Duty 2 fun clan. Soon there were lots of people who joined us, making Joke a nice clan.

-- Games ? --

The first game was Call Of Duty 2. But with the release of Call Of Duty 4 many members went to get it, making Joke a Multigaming Clan. This added another dimension to the clan. We have 6 servers up and running ( 3 COD2 & 3 COD4 )
Feel free to donate, this helps to keep these running.

-- Gametype ? --

Joke|Clan is mainly a CTF clan, but we also like a S&D or TDM match for a change in Call of Duty 2. In Call Of Duty 4, you allways can seduce us for a SAB/DOM scrim.

-- Recruiting ? --

We currently are recruiting. It doesn't matter from where you are but you need to be 18+. Here are some things that are required :

- Working Mic
- COD 2/4 installed
- Xfire
- Humour

What we don't want are people that are : lone wolves, naggers, cheaters, etc ...
If you have ever been caught with cheating you will be told to piss off. We're a nice clan but our friendliness is not unlimited..

-- Contact ? --

If you any questions please ask them. You can contact us via Xfire of the Website.

= Xfire for Edom issues : =

Joke|Captains :

- fallen6
- spoon89
- reflextion77

= Xfire for Clan related issues : =

Joke|Leaders :

- judgedredduk
- jbtimmeh
- simoniven
- albrew

= Joke Clan Site =

This is all soldier. Good luck and have fun on the battlefield

Full Name: Joke|Clan
Country: Europe Europe
Registered: 05 July 2007
Steam Group Not set
Calendar: Not set
Recruitment: Not recruiting
Status: Old
Admin contact: No admin assigned

Battle Stats and Conduct Ratings

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Tournament - 1st Call of Duty 2
Road to Victory Tournament
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