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-[AIR]- Armed International Regiment - 2nd Team

The Clan was formed on the 14th October 2005 by Image Danothebull, Image Bloodhound and Image KingOfTheMods

Originally, we were set up to play Medal of Honor: Spearhead and Call of Duty: United Offensive. However we soon dropped Call of Duty: United Offensive after picking up only one award. The clan is now a huge fan of the Call of Duty series picking up Call of Duty 2 late 2006 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in November 2007. Those are the two games we still play to this very date. We no longer play Medal of Honor: Spearhead as the competitive scene in the game is obselete.

Currently, the clan stands at roughly 25 members and we participate in Eurodomination, Enemy Down and Clanbase. We have a large powerful Dedicated box, of which we own ourselves. On this box we host multiple Match Servers and a popular Team Deathmatch Public Server aswell as our Teamspeak and Ventrilo.

After 32 months the clan is running as strong as ever and we wish to build upon our large list of Achievements. We are a competitive clan, yet fun is always first on our agenda.
Full Name: air gaming - Team 2
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Registered: 02 October 2007
Steam Group Not set
Calendar: Link to clan vwar/calendar
Recruitment: Recruiting (Minimum age: 16)
Status: Old
Admin contact: No admin assigned

Battle Stats and Conduct Ratings

No or insufficient matches played recently.
League - 1st Call of Duty 2
Winners: 5th Light Afrika Division
Search and Destroy
Season 9
League - 1st Call of Duty 4
Winners (shared): Royal Green Jackets
Search and Destroy
Season 12




This clan is currently not in any competitions.