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Playing CoD4 & CoDWaW


Wanting S&D funwars and city dom wars
( 20:00-20:30-21:00 uk time ) Any day except saturdays

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Other contacts

WA msn -
xfire - iceblue2712

WA msn -
xfire - hunglikeadonkey

Recruitment Officer msn -
xfire - hunglikeadonkey

We are recruiting mature players only for CoDWaW, CoD4, Spearhead, we are a very friendly clan and have many strict gaming rules more info visit our website below.
Most of our members are of a older age ranging from 16 to 60

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We are always looking for friendy S&D wars of any player size

Full Name: Pridefighters
Country: Europe Europe
Registered: 07 December 2007
Steam Group Not set
Calendar: Not set
Recruitment: Recruiting (Minimum age: 16)
Status: Old
Admin contact: No admin assigned

Battle Stats and Conduct Ratings

No or insufficient matches played recently.
Tournament - 1st Call of Duty 4
Road to Victory Tournament
S&D Group 4
Season 2
Supporter - Bronze Euro Domination Supporter
League - 1st Call of Duty 4
Winners: Royal Army Medical Corps
Search and Destroy
Season 12




This clan is currently not in any competitions.