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cod2 Call of Duty 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

arrow PunkBuster in Euro Domination Summary
arrow I want to learn more about PunkBuster, where should I look?
arrow Can I use PB in game? If so how?
arrow How do I obtain my PunkBuster GUID (PB GUID)?
arrow I'm having problems with PB (kicks/crashes/lag), what can I do?
arrow I need to manually update my CoD4 PB, how do I do this?
arrow I've tried everything suggested above yet I'm still having CoD4 PB issues!
arrow PB has kicked me and I have been banned! It's a mistake, what should I do?
arrow If people are banned by PB which is maintained by EB, what do Anti-Cheat sites like PBBans and PsB do?
arrow What do the numbers mean when PB kicks me? How do I know which will get banned and which won't?