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Postby Bl@de » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 18:21


I was working at a customers house today and her PC had a virus so I offered to try and get rid of it. I couldn't and its a real nasty one that you cannot remove.

When on your PC it holds your files to ransom, you have 72 hours to pay them $300 or your important files will never be decrypted.

So she has lost spreadsheets, her business accounts since April on Excel and all Word documents.

Beware and Share... there are a lot of preventive measures but no removal tools of this worm/trogan yet and not likely to be for some time according to the experts (safe mode with networking is suggested but a fail)
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Re: Cryptolocker

Postby Jo3 » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 19:34

Yer this is getting more common at my shop it is in some of the new 'Police viruses' and its really nasty, some people have paid and got their data back but I think that the bastards just gave the data back so the rumor spreads that if you pay it you may get your data.

It started with a bug called DirtyDecrypt that must have been added to older bugs out there. It even messes up external usbs, only way to be safe is to have lots of back ups, its a smart bug and like you say there is no way (and wont be for a very long time) to fix it :(
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