Preview Week 2 !!
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Re: Preview Week 2 !!

Postby Dave84 » Wed 06 Mar, 2013 19:19

L'MsFookaa wrote:

Oh and btw , Klok ... if you get the predictions right and those clans win , i want you to predict my lottery numbers! :Y:

No He was wrong we won :YY:
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Re: Preview Week 2 !!

Postby Stacey10 » Thu 07 Mar, 2013 22:36

Cheers L'MsFookaa, well unfortunately I wouldn't get him to pick ur lottery numbers he got our prediction wrong :razz:
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Re: Preview Week 2 !!

Postby L'MsFookaa » Fri 08 Mar, 2013 10:16

Haha Well played :YY:

And here's me thinking Klok was Mystic Meg! :i
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Re: Preview Week 2 !!

Postby klok » Fri 08 Mar, 2013 10:51

nah more like pissed up smeg :oops:
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Re: Preview Week 2 !!

Postby Saint070 » Fri 08 Mar, 2013 21:20

Stacey10 wrote:OMG KLOK so much for your support let's go DW (AKA RA now) fingers cross lets see if I can pull off some sneaky round wins again woohooo :P

Lol we have killcam Stacey so no worries here :YY:
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