Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2
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Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby Eric » Thu 07 Mar, 2013 22:03

Hello lovely EDOM people!

Before this article starts I’d like to copy paste a part from Klok’s BO2 Week 2 preview:

‘’Don’t forget you can win fantastic prizes in this seasons tournament (sponsored by Chillblast) by being the MVP for your division and that doesn’t mean the one with the most kills, simply the player that caused the opposition the biggest headache – be it blocking routes, winning clutch rounds, planting or simply the most amazing knife kills – its your call who you pick and why.’’

This edition of the weekly newsflash of the CoD4 RTV (season 11) will go through the highlights of last week’s matches, the upcoming matches and a short chat with Vanity! from Team DiGital!


Back to last week!
Week 1 of the Road to Victory tournament is always a hectic week with teams that need to get in shape with things, teams that must live up to expectations straight of and all other unforeseeable things! For example to start wit the last matter, and I’ll be short here since you were able to read more about this in Klok’s BO2 Week 2 round up; CKS is no longer in the CoD4 RTV.

This means we can say goodbye to JamesGloop’s prediction of his team ending happily last! Let’s all congratulate JamesGloop and his team The Company on their fantastic job on performing above their expectations! ;)

Now on to the matches that were played in the 1st week on Backlot!
Last week we saw dA start off against CKS, while the result now stands as a default win for dA we must say dA however did manage to pull of an outstanding 17 to 7 win. Definitely a great start for those veterans over at Dads Army, teaching those young pups a lesson!
Meanwhile *DEA pulled of a convincing win by defeating |TC| with 21 to 3! While this match might have been fairly one sided it was played in a great friendly atmosphere and JamesGloop himself pulled of a great personal performance for |TC| earning him the MVP.
Next to those more predictable matches we also saw two interesting matches, the 1st one being TSC versus eXp.cL. Razorsidewalk, leader of TSC, told us last week in his interview that he expected a close match since Backlot is not their strongest map and eXp.cL is a respectable opponent. That being said this match actually didn’t ended up being that close at all, TSC has proven his capability of going for a high ranking this season by beating eXp.cL with 17 to 7! This is definitely a more then decent performance.
The last match of the kick off week of the CoD4 RTV was a rematch of last month’s CoD4 WinterCup final; Team DiGital versus AIR Gaming! Did Team DiGital manage to take it’s revenge? Yeah that would have been a great story, but then again we know AIR is a team to keep an eye on as we saw from the opinions of the teams last week. So no surprise here really, AIR managed to overcome Team Digital once again, this time with a score of 16 to 8!

So to summarize we see that the experienced EDOM teams (dA, *DEA, TSC and AIR) managed to live up to their expectations!

What happens next week though?
Will those teams still go strong next week? Will the teams that were less fortunate in week 1 bounce back?! Next week we’ll see eXp.cL take on AIR; can eXp.cL get back right in the fight for the top spots? Or will AIR remain going strong? On the other hand we’ll see dA taking on *DEA, both these teams played each other in the EDOM CoD4 ladder twice last month, both taking a 14-10 win once! How much more exciting do you want to get it? This will be a match that might very well be decided in the very last round! |TC| will have a week off since CKS is out of the tournament. Next week’s last match will be between TSC and Team DiGital, will TSC remain going strong? But what will Team DiGital do? Let’s just ask Vanity! of Team Digital!


Interview with Vanity! from Team DiGital

Hello Vanity! Team DiGital has been around for some time now and has had success here in EDOM as well, but who are you guys really? Could you tell us something about your team's history/background and what kind of people are you?
‘’As I’m a fairly new member I’m not that sure about Team DiGital’s history. All I really know is that it’s formed back in the MW2 days . The people in Team DiGital are a bunch of friendly guys who enjoy to play CoD and have a laugh!’’

You guys are mainly a BO2 team as far as I know, why did Team DiGital decide to join the CoD4 wintercup and the CoD4 RTV11 in EDOM?
‘’That’s not completely true, both me and tomjEEH have played CoD4 as well as other games and I guess we are the main reason for DiGital to sign up for these cups. We signed up as we thought it would be fun to go back to a game we enjoyed as well and it would be something different from BO2.’’

How did you guys like the CoD4 wintercup? You guys pulled of a wonderful achievement while some other top contenders failed to go as far as they might have liked to.
‘’I think everyone enjoyed it… I mean we wouldn’t sign up for it if we wouldn’t find it fun now, would we? ;D’’

Last week Team DiGital played their first RTV match against AIR Gaming, if we look at the opinions of the teams involved, one of the top favourites to win the RTV this season. How did you guys experience it?
‘’Other then lack of practice I would say fine ^^’’

Looking back at what you and Blade said last week, you guys liked to see Team DiGital fighting for the top 3, and taking yesterday's match in account, how do you fancy your chances now after week 1? Losing to AIR obviously ain't that unexpected, but still has Team DiGital's goal changed or not?
‘’If we get to sort some minor stuff we should probably be a fun team to watch! ’’

We've seen the experienced EDOM CoD4 teams AIR, *DEA, TSC and dA win their first matches with relative ease, at least from what we can tell from just looking at the scores. This week you play against TSC, if you guys want to make it to the top 3 this might be a crucial game. What do you think of the upcoming game against TSC?
‘’Honestly I’m going in to it without any expectations =) I find myself performing better if I do!! ’’

You guys are playing on Strike this week, happy with the map? Or having bad memories about the map? If so... care to share?
‘’It’s better than Backlot. I used to like Strike a lot but now days I’m not that fond of it. I’m sure someone in the team is happy about it though!’’

We've noticed a handful of new CoD4 players have recently joined Team DiGital's EDOM team, what are we to expect of those new additions? Is this part of a plan to expand Team DiGital's plans with CoD4?
‘’Basiclly we picked up mine and tomjEEH’s old CoD4 team from last year and as I stated I reckon this will be a fun team to watch!’’

You are the only Swedish person in Team DiGital... short question; you getting tired of the British right?
‘’Not really I’ve always been drawn to British teams I find that I get along better with the people in the team better then the few Swedish teams I played for. Been like this since I started playing online! ^^’’

What do you think EDOM should do with CoD4 after the RTV? Continue it with more events? Promote it? Or end it all together and calling this the end for real?
‘’Try and keep it active it’s a great game!!!’’

Bonus questions; Do you have anything to say at all? Anything fun? Anything gay? Just say it...
‘’Bonus = you would probably find a rock more interesting then me!!!

Something funny: Was it stupid or was it brave (c) DiGital.tomjEEH’’


This was it for this week people! Next week you’ll see a brandnew CoD4 RTV11 newsflash together with JamesGloop about their team, The Company |TC|, their upcoming match against dA and their presence here in EuroDomination!
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby Don Rafael » Thu 07 Mar, 2013 22:10

Bonus = you would probably find a rock more interesting then me!!!

Best part :YY: :lol:

Nice one again Eric :Y:
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby dAnZu » Thu 07 Mar, 2013 22:15

:Y: Good Job Eric
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby Vanity? » Thu 07 Mar, 2013 22:30

Don Rafael wrote:
Bonus = you would probably find a rock more interesting then me!!!

Best part :YY: :lol:

its true tho :<
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby j A y Z U ? » Thu 07 Mar, 2013 22:56

hahaha... Jonas you winnit :)
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby klok » Fri 08 Mar, 2013 8:10

Excellent keep it up mate
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby Juanbreezer » Fri 08 Mar, 2013 12:30

Nice read!
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby Bl@de » Fri 08 Mar, 2013 19:30

lolz Jonas :D
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby JamesGloop » Fri 08 Mar, 2013 20:00

Nice read dude, keep up the good work :)

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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 2

Postby Danothebull » Sat 09 Mar, 2013 9:44

Good read again, good job :Y:
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