Season 11 RTV - COD4 - Week 4
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Season 11 RTV - COD4 - Week 4

Postby Eric » Mon 25 Mar, 2013 18:43

Ola ! ! ! :beard:

Sorry for the delay, due to my delay this week’s article will cover a bit of week 5 in the preview as well.

This week we’ll be half way past into the Road To Victory Tournament Season 11, sponsored by CHILLBLAST! Besides the review of week 3 and a preview of week 4 this newsflash was supposed to feature a dual interview with iXi and Danothebull from AIR Gaming however Dano was delayed and too busy so you guys will have to do with this car stealing and alcohol abusing guy from the middle of nowhere in Poland named iXi from *DEA. Oh and by the way… Dano will feature in the Week 7 newsflash!


Last week we saw only two matches being played since TSC vs AIR Gaming has been postponed. Nevertheless we still were to witness two great matches. After being postponed the first time we saw dA taking on *DEA, two teams who remained unbeaten after the first two weeks. Since this was originally a week 2 match we saw this match being played on Strike, it proved to be a great and close match where *DEA managed to secure an important win in beating dA with 8 – 16. This score however doesn’t reflect how tight this match was.
Also we saw Team DiGital take up eXp.cL, both teams suffered defeat already this season but also managed to show good performances. Sadly enough for eXp.cL it was Team DiGital to continue their march upwards. DiGital proved too strong for eXp.cL on Crash securing a convincing 6 – 18 win.
With Week 4 to begin today we see *DEA taking the lead with TSC following closely, however From #1 to #6 the gab is only 3 points still, so all is possible.


INTERVIEW with iXi from *DEA
Some questions might come across odd since they can involve Dano, this is because this interview was supposed to include Dano.

Helloooooooo iXi! Welcome! You both (iXi and Danothebull) have been playing CoD4 for some time and you also have been part of EDOM for a long time, can you tell us more about what you like about CoD4 and what you like about EDOM?
''Hellooo Eriic! Indeed, CoD4 seems to be my 2nd longest played game, and I believe it is partly because gameplay tends to be pretty fast. I like the fact, that action happens right after the rounds starts and sometimes kills can be seen after few seconds. And of course it can be played on EDOM! Out of all the places out there, here is where you get most friendly and fun matches. I like how EDOM community is tight-knit and usually there is no hostility between opposing teams. Additionally it has very strict anti-cheat rules, so you hardly ever come by a cheater here! :D ''

iXi you are a member of *DEA, could you guys tell us what is so special about your team? What do we need to know about your team?
''Well *DEA is a quite large community if you count other game divisions, and there is always someone active. There are a lot off ppl who stick around from the good old days and playing with them and having some TS banter is a lot of fun. We often have people switching between games within *DEA, so we know eachother pretty well. Also a lot of people play some games for fun not competitively with other *DEA ppl.''

You and Danothebull share a history because you have played together in a team before, can you guys tell us something about that? How was it like?
''It was fun as well ofc! The team was pretty competitive, and still we managed to get a lot of fun while playing with eachother.''

So what do you think of Dano?
''Dano is oftentimes hilarious, and he doesnt shy away from organising matches and leading the team through them. He is also a very good AK player and he rarely underperforms. We had a great time, and some great matches together.''

You played a big match recently against dA, how was it like?
''It was pretty close! Score may be misleading, because we had a lot of very close rounds which could go either way. We certainly played on more or less the same level, but I guess despite our slow start we managed to clutch most of those close rounds. The fact that it could go either way can be seen in our last ladder match with dA, where they got a pretty convincing win. It is all down to current shape of all team members at the time of the match really! :P ''

When looking back on the past 3 weeks, what is your opinion on the tournament so far?
''Hah! We have a good chance at 1st spot! 8) It can still go either way, since we have some tough opponents ahead of us, but we accumulated a pretty big round lead and comfort of being able to get one draw without consequences. Seems like *DEA, TSC., dA. and -[AIR]- will be fighting hard for first spot! :l) ''

In week 4, tonight, we’re going to see a classic EDOM match in *DEA vs AIR, a match both special for you and Dano I assume… how do you look at it?
''Smash Dano!!! It's pretty common that if you know someone from the opposing team you want to kill him every round. :lmao: The problem is, that it seems to go the other way around so far. :beat: Who knows, maybe its payback time!''

This week’s map is Crossfire, any comments about that map in particular?
''I hate it! :cry: It's very random at the start. In most maps you have limited rush routes, some cover everywhere so you can take position and stop a very aggressive push, while on crossfire you often see smgs, just run through smoke every possible way, and suddenly appear in places they shouldnt be. :teeth: Also if you manage to survive the rush stage, you always have this ominous feeling when you try to cross the street that suddenly whole enemy team will start shooting at you from every corner! :wink: ''

If you’d be ordered to say one thing to Dano. What would you say?
''Hmm a tough one... I guess I'd say "Stop stalking me on matches against us! :P "

Last week JamesGloop of The Company was asked to ask you two a question, he wondered how you see the future for CoD gaming…
''Hmm, I'm worried that COD4 community will constantly spread over every new COD series game, and its not likely that there will be a worthy successor for COD4. There was so much work put into promod, and also every new COD game seems to be designed to make players play the game how its meant to be, not the way in which we have most fun and competitiveness. So I belive there will be constant small community of players that play COD4, with some players dropping out and some players comming back to COD4 every now and again. As for other COD series... I don't know - I don't play them! :P ''

Next week we’ll interview Roxy from ExtremeProClan, you may ask him one question. What would it be?
''Erm, so maybe to continue the future game theme: What FPS game series is in your opinion likely to be most successful?''


The upcoming week in the CoD4 Road To Victory Tournament Season 11 will about A LOT of CoD4 matches! Instead of the regular three games we will see 5, maybe 6 games! Here’s the list:

*DEA vs -[AIR]- on Crossfire
dA. vs TSC. on Strike

|TC| vs DiGital. on Crossfire
*DEA vs DiGital. on Strike

Other matches later this week:
dA. v eXp.cL on Crossfire
TSC. vs -[AIR]- on Crash (date TBA)

This week will most likely make things in the division more clear, it might show a team drop from being a contender for the top spots, or maybe it won’t? All is yet still possible! However tonight is going to be interesting! Within this week you’ll see a new newsflash because ‘officially’ we’re now in week 5 but due to teams postponing their matches the weeks will flow into each other a bit now.

Stay tuned and follow the exciting start of the last few weeks here at EuroDomination’s Road To Victory Tournament Season 11 sponsored by CHILLBLAST!

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Re: Season 11 RTV - COD4 - Week 4

Postby Halo » Mon 25 Mar, 2013 18:58

great interview and certainly one of the best players in edom.
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Re: Season 11 RTV - COD4 - Week 4

Postby klok » Mon 25 Mar, 2013 22:21

Nice ne Eric and thx ixi
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Re: Season 11 RTV - COD4 - Week 4

Postby Danothebull » Mon 25 Mar, 2013 22:52

Nice read again :Y:

iXi is one of the better players in the community but more importantly he is one of the friendliest too!

Apologies that I couldn't get back to you this week, i'll make it upto you :P
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Re: Season 11 RTV - COD4 - Week 4

Postby Don Rafael » Tue 26 Mar, 2013 0:28

Danothebull wrote:iXi is one of the better players in the community but more importantly he is one of the friendliest too!

I agree :Y:

Danothebull wrote:Apologies that I couldn't get back to you this week, i'll make it upto you :P

Slacker !
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Re: Season 11 RTV - COD4 - Week 4

Postby Don Rafael » Tue 26 Mar, 2013 0:28

Nice write up btw !
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