How to contact other clans and Admins
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How to contact other clans and Admins

Postby Don Rafael » Mon 23 Aug, 2010 23:50

X-Fire Group

Euro Domination has its very own X-Fire group. The purpose of the group is to provide a network for all [E-Dom] Admins, Clan Leaders, Clan Deputies and Clan War Arrangers of the Euro Domination community.

With the group it is very easy to contact an [E-Dom] admin if you are in need of help and advice. In addition, you can contact the appropriate members from other clans that are actively involved in the Euro Domination scene - wether they are a Clan Leader/Deputy or are simply arranging wars for his/her clan.

What is the criteria to join?

You must be a registered Euro Domination user and a "Clan Leader", "Clan Deputy" or "Clan War arranger" of a clan on the Euro Domination website.

How do I join the group?

To join the group, simply visit the following page and click "submit". An [E-Dom] admin will shortly review your application to join and will accept you (if you meet the correct criteria).

Note: You must be logged into the X-Fire website in order to do the above.


From time to time we will invite users to the group that have not yet joined but meet the criteria and are in an active clan.

Clan Tags

Please may all users of the [E-Dom] X-Fire group display your appropriate clan tags. To do this simply visit the members page - insert your clan tag to your nickname in the "Select your league nickname" field and press "Select Nickname". This will aid other users in the X-Fire group to contact you with little difficulty.


The [E-Dom] X-Fire group is updated ona regular basis. Users will be removed if they fitted into the following category:

a) He/she is not a Clan Leader, Deputy or War Arranger from a clan registered at Euro Domination.

b) He/she is not wearing clans tags.

c) He/she is not in an active clan in Eurodomination.

d) Already two members of his/her clan have joined the Eurodomination X-Fire Group. Two is the maximum due to community size issues.

Those who were not wearing clan tags are urged to do so. You can add your clan tag to your [E-Dom] X-Fire group nickname by visiting here and adding your tag to the field where it says "Set your league nickname".


Steam Group

In addition to our X-Fire Group, we also have a Steam Group for Players to contact eachother. Go here and simply join the Eurodomination Group.


TeamSpeak 3 Voice Server

Eurodomination also has a TeamSpeak 3 Server. If you would like to have a chat with some people or would just like to use it for a scrim or anything. Do not hesitate and hop on:

Port: 1003
Password: N/A

We also have a Teamspeak Monitor on the Website which can be viewed here.

Also a big thanks to for providing us with the TS3 Server.


IRC Channel

E-Dom now has an IRC channel. Orgnaise E-Dom wars, chat with people from E-Dom, organise mixes, and ask the admins anything you need answering.

With IRC we will keep you up-to-date with the latest News and Events at E-Dom.

Please join: #edom @ quakenet.

If you need help setting IRC up then please download this document
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Re: How to contact other clans and Admins

Postby Eddy » Fri 15 Oct, 2010 13:07

Bump. Doing a clean up those not who don't fit the above categories are going to be removed.
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Re: How to contact other clans and Admins

Postby Don Rafael » Mon 18 Oct, 2010 19:21


Contact information now updated with IRC Details, feel free to idle :Y:
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Honorary E-Dom Admin
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