Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 3
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Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 3

Postby Eric » Wed 13 Mar, 2013 19:55

Hello hello hello! ! !

Week 3, yes that’s right, week 3 already! Week 2 of the RTV CoD4 (Sponsored by CHILLBLAST) has ended! Today’s edition of our weekly newsflash will give you an update on whatever happens out there in the CoD4 division and a brandnew interview; with JamesGloop from The Company |TC|!


In the previous newsflash we could read that eXp.cL had to deal with a big defeat against TSC, in week 2 they were up against AIR Gaming, question was… could eXp.cL get back into the race? No rocketscience needed here to conclude that this is a hell of a job to pull by eXp since AIR is considered a strong team, however… sometimes things don’t go as most people might think. In a close match on Strike we saw eXp.cL getting away with a win against AIR Gaming, 14 – 10, where eXp.RoXy seemingly played a major role, he walked away with the MVP.
On the other hand we saw Team DiGital take on TSC, where Vanity of Team DiGital told us last week that he would go in the match without any expectations they actually managed to turn this tactic of ‘pushing the pressure away from us’ into a solid performance, in a hard fought match Team DiGital and TSC both were not able to get away with a win; 12 – 12!
The last match of week 2 was between dA. and *DEA, however due to unforeseen circumstances this match has been rescheduled to next Sunday! However we did saw one Week 3 match being played already; dA. vs |TC| on Crash! dA. managed to come away with an outstanding 18 to 6 win!
With eXp.cL and Team DiGital pulling out great results against AIR and TSC we have a really interesting match on our hands; dA. vs *DEA. The winner can walk away from the pack, who will do it and become the only team without losing any points so far?
The CoD4 RTV gets more and more exciting… At the time of writing this article The 1st five teams are within 1 point of each other!


INTERVIEW with JamesGloop from The Company
|TC| was not scheduled to play a match in Week 2, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t here! They played their Week 3 match already and today we’ll sit down with JamesGloop... So… James, who are you guys? The Company has been around for a year or so in EDOM right now and |TC| has shown great activity within EDOM ever since.
‘’ Well, we were originally a clan called AoH or Army of Hardcore. That was the clan I originally joined. It was quite a large team and was quite active as well... Mainly in Blackops1. It then had leadership issues and the members performed a big move to a new name but with the same members. Which is the TC you see now, minus quite a few members along the line. We are now quite small in comparison and mainly are here just as a group of friends.’’

We see |TC| being active in BlackOps2 a lot, having success so far in your RTV division in BO2, well done by the way! But you guys also joined the CoD4 scene in EDOM, why?
‘’ Well yer we are a mainly a blackops2 clan, or at least a clan of whatever the most recent CoD is of the time. However there’s a few people that enjoy the old that is CoD4, overall in my opinion its one of the best CoDs and possibly one the best FPS games around, it has everything you need just it lacks in activity, which is what we tend to follow around. The only issue is that we have never been a Cod4 team and therefore lack massively in experience with only a couple of us that really have played the game a lot.’’

Ah, it's good to hear that you guys do give CoD4 a change though! So on to the CoD4 RTV... while you guys have had 2 wins in your BO2 RTV you guys have had to suffer from 2 defeats against *DEA in week 1 and dA last evening! What's your opinion on those games?
‘’ Well, it was expected... Like I said before we are not a cod4 team at all, most have never played a scrim in cod4 let alone a match. So we seemed to have dived straight into the deep end as most of the teams on the RTV seem very experienced and dedicated. It’s not a big issue for us though as we are just there to have some fun and trying to support the CoD4 section of EDOM. We may not been winning or even getting near the win but we tend to make a point to just have a good laugh over TeamSpeak. I think in the coming games if we were to actually do any good we would need to practice a lot and get tactics maybe, which is really not like us as we just tend to jump in a match and almost play public style.’’

I have to say, from my own experience, that you guys are a really friendly bunch! I really appreciate that and I'm sure most people in EDOM do so as well! You guys already played your week 3 match (against dA.) and your next match is against DiGital, how do you guys look at that match knowing that DiGital seems to get stronger after a cold start against AIR Gaming they actually managed to get a draw against one of the top contenders, TSC.
‘’ It’s nice to know we are coming across as a friendly team as that’s what we aim for, hopefully the serious teams don't get too annoyed when we joke around a lot, but that’s just our way of enjoying the match. Well, I can tell you we won't be changing much of what we are already doing hehe, we barely know our team until 5 minutes before the game. I also know digital from others games [hello adam] and they may not be an experienced CoD4 team but I know they will be well practiced in their tactics and nades etc. They are fast learners and I'd imagine now they have played the first couple games they will be well on their way to destroying us just as easily as the other two teams have so far haha. That doesn't mean we won't be trying though as we always give it our best until the final rounds. My way of looking at it is as long as I play as good as I can I'm not overly worried of the outcome.’’

Week 3 of the CoD4 RTV centers around the map Crash, a map that has been played over and over for years in CoD4 and is a favourite map for many. What are your opinions on Crash? Seeing you guys actually played your Week 3 match against dA. already on this map last evening.
‘’ Hm that map itself is really good, I remember I used to enjoy it a lot on pubs... However I think its a map that is very difficult to play if you have never done matches/scrims on it before. It seems to involve lots of good nade spots and spam points, most of which we don't really know. Half our issue as well which I forgot to mention previously is that we are a Hardcore clan, so coming to Promod is very difficult as we are used to being able to pick off people at a distance in a couple bullets. This is where we mainly suffered on this map, as I know myself I would often get the first shot on the players but then didnt have the ability to control the gun play around the map as well as the opponent.’’

‘’BRB… need a pee badly!’’

No you can't pee yet! Finish this first! Joking... hurry James! Run to the bathroom! Run run run!

‘’ AHHHHH!!!! Much better… where were we? Haha’’
You sure you're done? :P
‘’Well, half of it is now on my trousers, because you made me rush. But yeah I’m done! I’ll go take a poop if that makes you happy!’’
Yes it does make me happy!
‘’ that thought that it makes you happy makes my butthole clench slightly, so I'm not sure I can go under that pressure… sorry...’’

Yeah... let's uh move on shall we?

So what is |TC| expecting from the rest of the CoD4 RTV? What are you hoping to achieve? I mean we know you won't finish bottom so that's great haha ;)
‘’ Hmm that is a good question actually; I'm not overly sure what to expect. Of course to win a game would be epic, but I really can’t see that happening this season. I think as each game comes our goal is to get as many rounds as possible, the first match we only got 3 so we wanted to beat that and we did but getting 6 on the next game... So I think we just wanna better that score next match and carry on like that till the end.’’

So you went from 3 to 6 and want to go to 9 and 12... so basically you're telling me you guys are going for the draw against AIR Gaming in Week 5? :D
‘’erm… Hah! Highly unlikely… but to get 7 in any of the upcoming games will be a success for us, but we aim to beat AIR. SO WATCH YOUR BACKS LADS!! ;) ‘’
Oh noes! strong words from James! Dano you better watch your ass now!
‘’ What have I done ): ‘’

Sooooo... is there anything you'd like to share with the people around EDOM?
‘’Depends what you'd like me to share… I dislike the cold, 2 west things about the cold: 1. Putting on deodorant, where’s the logic of spraying cold air on your pits! 2. Peeing for men, where’s the logic of pulling our your winky while its cold, and then run the risk of having cold hands at the same time!’’
‘’ winky out*’’
2 west things = 2 worst things?
‘’ yes’’
‘’wheres the logic of pulling out your winky while its cold*, that too’’
I almost thought you meant 'best things'... I was already like... wow wow stop right here! James likes 'peeing for men' as a best thing in the cold!
‘’haha, oh I guess a 3rd is cold hands for gaming’’
Anyway... glad we know that now! We've learned a lesson boys, never pull out your winky in the cold! Listen to James!

So final question... and this is something I forgot to implement in the other interviews, my bad... next week I'll interview iXi from *DEA and Dano from AIR, now I want you to ask one question to them, shoot! :)
‘’ hm… how do you see the future for COD gaming?’’

Thanks, we'll see what iXi and Dano have to say to that next week! I want to thank you for taking your time with me James! We wish you and |TC| all the best in CoD4 and in BO2!
‘’Hehe, thanks for picking me and also for taking the time to do the interviews. The effort is much appreciated by myself and I'm sure everyone else :D ’’


Since dA vs *DEA was rescheduled we’re gonna see a Week 2 match in Week 3, like we said last week, this match is an interesting one, with taking the results of Week 2 in mind this is now a match about who takes the lead in this season's RTV! However there are more interesting matches to come in Week 3! Week 3’s map is Crash, a classic CoD4 map with a lot of history, this will proof to be a good week!

TSC vs AIR; Two veteran EDOM teams facing each other, two top contenders this season… are you excited yet? I’m sure every team in this division is watching this one, who’s taking this big win? We’ll see two teams who most likely have been disappointed by last weeks results gearing up for a revival, who will bounce back in this thriller match? However the experts in our community will know Crash is made for AIR in EDOM, making AIR slight favorites in this one. But this season already showed that being the favorite does not guarantee victory! We’ll see and good luck to both teams!

eXp.cL vs DiGital; Here we see two teams who have started the look upwards again after losing in week 1, but who will continue to rise up? Will RoXy pull off another great performance? Or will Vanity’s team show they can match the veteran EDOM teams?


That’s it boys… hope you all enjoy week 3! Next week you’ll read the Week 4 newsflash where we’ll sit down with iXi of *DEA and Dano of AIR Gaming.

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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 3

Postby Don Rafael » Wed 13 Mar, 2013 20:51

Another nice interview and (p)review :YY:

What's with all the peeing, pooing and farting though ! First you got those fookaas enjoying it and now it seems that it has infected TC and Jamesgloop in particular :P
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 3

Postby Danothebull » Wed 13 Mar, 2013 21:03

Good read again as always :)
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 3

Postby JamesGloop » Wed 13 Mar, 2013 21:40

We all poo, so get over it ;)

Good job dude, look forward to the upcoming ones.
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 3

Postby ADD » Wed 13 Mar, 2013 22:25

I also know digital from others games [hello adam]


Haven't said anything on the previous ones but read and enjoyed them all, nice one! :YY:
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Re: Season 11 RTV – COD4 – Week 3

Postby klok » Wed 13 Mar, 2013 23:00

Nice one eric
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