Euro Domination Cup Rules

**** UPDATED January 26th, 2011 ****
The cups are typically of a single elimination knockout format where the last remaining team is the winner. The draw for the cups are done randomly with the help of impartial volunteers from the community. In every round of a cup a different map is played (unless the map is chosen by 'veto'). The duration of a cup is typically 3-4 matches over a period of 1 or 2 nights.

Cup Rules

Game Rules
All game rules defined on the game rules pages apply to Cup matches, unless an exception is defined below or posted within a cup's news article.

A clan needs to meet the following requirements, in order to enter a Cup:
- At least 6 members on the clan roster.
- At least 3 matches played in the any of the Eurodomination competitions, at least one of those in the past month.
- At least 75% friendliness and 75% punctuality ratings on the clan profile.
- Must be ranked (with a point score other than default) in the respective Open Ladder - only applicable for cups using the 'seedings' system (see 'Draw & Seedings' below, for more information).
- The clan must be available to play at the designated times (see 'Double Booking' below, for more information).
- The clan must be allowed to play in the Cup. ( A clan will be checked for Cup exclusions )

We try to assign all participants (that have met the requirements as above) that have signed up before the closing date, to the cup. Clans that sign up after the closing date, will be in reserve to replace cany clans that drop out before the start of the cup. E-Dom reserves the right to keep clans in reserve that are least likely to show up, based on no shows in the past and the amount of matches played so far. Any clan that no-shows at any point during the cup will be excluded for future cups.
If a clan no-showed in a cup, they will be excluded for the next cup for that game and gametype they played the cup in. In case the gametype will not be supported in a future cup, the clan will be excluded for the first cup for that game.

Temporarily Banned Clans
Any clan that is temporarily banned from Euro Domination is ineligible to participate at any point during a cup.

Double Bookings
When a cup is announced, a list of times/dates are posted within the newsitem. All clans are expected to keep these times/dates clear on the battle planner.

Teams that already have a match that conflicts with these dates/times will not be included in the match regardless of how many teams the clan can field. The only exception to this rule, is if the clan in question contacts a member of Euro Domination staff* (with prior notice - at least 1 hour before the draw is scheduled to take place) indicating that they can participate and play two fixtures with enough players available to fullfil the requirements of both fixtures. Teams that are included in the cup but then later arrange a fixture in any other Euro Domination competition without notifying Euro Domination staff* (with a valid reason, for example - enough players to field two teams) beforehand will be disqualified from the cup.

* The staff member must be a competition supervisor or administrator. To view the roles of all Euro Domination staff, visit here.

Each round, a different map is played. The maps to be played will typically be the most played maps in the cup's respective Open Ladder. However, sometimes this may not be the case depending on the theme of the cup, for example only custom maps will be played in a 'Custom Map' cup.

Maps Chosen by Veto
In some cases, the maps to be played in every round will not be pre-determined. Instead, for each fixture both teams will have an influence in deciding which map will be placed. If both teams are given a list of maps and a map is to be chosen by 'veto', then the following applies:

- Both teams have to have a 'melee round' on any of the maps provided in the list.
- The losing team of the knife round then decides which map to remove from the list.
- The winning team of the knife round then decides which of the remaining maps to remove from the list.
- This cycle continues until only one map remains, this map is to be played.

For an example of this method, visit here.

Team size
Unless specified in the cup's news item, all matches are to be played 5v5, except if both clans agree to play 4v4 or 6v6. Such an agreement is only valid if both clans have confirmed the agreement in the fixture comments. A team can play with max. 2 players down.

Draw & Seedings
The draw for the cup is usually done 24 hours before the first round of matches are due to commence. The draw will be undertaken by two or more impartial members of the community with the guidance of Euro Domination admins. Once the draw is complete, the fixtures will shortly be available on each participating clan's Batlle Planner.

In some cases, teams will be seeding and therefore no draw is necessary. The teams will be seeding from highest to lowest according to each team's Open Ladder ranking. The highest ranked team will be given the highest seed and the 2nd highest ranked team will be given the 2nd highest seed, and so forth.
In the first round, the highest seeded team will play the lowest seeded team. The 2nd highest seeded team will play the 2nd lowest seeded team, and so forth.
Cup Winner
The winning clan, is the clan which remains unbeaten to win the final.

Medals will be awarded to the clans with 1st and 2nd place finishes.