Open Ladder Rules

**** UPDATED May 28th, 2010 ****
The Open Ladder combines all gametypes and rulesets and team sizes from 3v3 up to 8v8 for Call of Duty and up to 16v16 for Battlefield Bad Company 2. It only allows clans to create short term open challenges. The open challenges can be accepted by any clan that participates in the ladder.

The clan that makes the open challenge can specify an expiration time (e.g. 24 hours or 10 minutes before the match time). If an open challenge is not accepted before the expiration time, the challenge is cancelled.

All Open Ladder matches are treated as official matches follow normal E-Dom rules.
The Ladder is based on the ELO scoring system, but with caveats here and there. All clans that will start in the ladder will begin with 1000 points. The points gained or lost after a match are based on the before mentioned ELO scoring system. However, the maximum you can win or lose is 120 points.

Clans can put out challenges for matches which others can accept. If a match is played, a button on the fixture is available to counterchallenge the opposing clan.

- The Ladders are infinite and won't be reset

Ladder Rules

Game Rules
All game rules defined on the game rules pages apply to Ladder matches.