League Rules

**** UPDATED June 7th, 2010 ****
In the Euro Domination League runs in seasons of approximately 8-10 weeks, during this season clans fight to conquer countries across Europe. Each new clan that joins the league will start without any countries under their control. Each country has a map associated with it, that map will be the battleground to fight on for occupancy of that country.

The league is divided into different divisions (where signups allow this) ordered by clan skill level. Euro Domination requires new clans to play 3 open ladder matches so their skill can be assessed before being places into a division. The Euro Domination league comes with a unique challenge and rejection system that also attempts to create a balance between clans within a division. At the end of a season, the clan that occupies most countries in a division, wins. After a short break, a new season starts all over!

The leagues are centered around a single game type and ruleset for each particular game.

League Rules

Game Rules
All general game rules and the game specific rules apply within the league, unless an exception is defined below.

A clan needs to meet the following requirements, in order to enter the League:
- A clan needs at least 6 cleared players for the game they wish to sign up for
- A clan needs a minimum of 75% friendliness
- A clan needs to have played 3 matches in the Eurodomination Open ladder and at least one of them in the last month

Multiple squads from the same clan are not allowed to compete in the same league division. The admin team will try to accomodate for all squads as much as possible.
Note: All general game rules and the game specific rules apply within the league, unless an exception is defined below.

Depending on the amount of clans that have signed up for a gametype, we may create multiple Divisions for a single League. For the first Season, clans will be divided into groups by their skill level. For example, 16 clans are split up into 2 Divisions of 8. Promotion and relegation will be applied to those who finish in the top and bottom 2 places ( unless you can't promote or relegate to a higher or lower division ).

Open challenges on unoccupied countries or attacks on occupied countries can be made where attack credits allow this.

Each clan will have 2 attack credits per week which means they are able to create 2 open challenges, accept 2 open challenges, attack 2 occupied countries or a combination of those.
Next to that, each clan will be forced to defend their occupied countries up to a maximum of 2 defenses per week, if the number of occupied countries allows this.

- Clans can put open challenges out outside their own availability if they want to
- Clans can attack someone elses country outside their own availability if they want to
- Clans can accept invasions/open challenges outside their own availability if they want to

Each clan needs to set their availability to a minimum of 4 times slots per week. This minimum of timeslots is required to be put on weekdays at 8 or 9 o'clock, where 2 of those slots have to be on either wednesday or sunday or a combination of those. The other 2 are free to be put on other days.
Additional availability slots can be added on any desired timeslot at any day from 19:00pm till 23:00pm.

Team size
All default team sizes are 5v5 for Call of Duty matches and 4v4 for BFBC2 Squad Rush matches.

Match rejections
Clans are able to reject attacks being made on their countries for the following reasons:
- If a clan attacks you within your availbility you can reject the challenge if you have defended twice in one week period or have 2 defenses upcoming ( or 1 of both ).
- If a clan attacks you outside your availaibility you can reject that challenge
- If you are already booked for that date and time you can reject that challenge

If a clan attacks you within your availability you must accept your match if there are no valid reasons to reject it (see above). In case you reject this match, it's with and invalid reason which means you'll lose your country.

Default wins / no shows
If a team no-shows a match or gives a default loss they will lose the country to the opponent.

Banned Clans
Any clan that is temporarily or permanently banned from Eurodomination at any point during the League will be disqualified and removed.

Holding Divisions
Holding divisions will be available to join for clans not currently enrolled in a league. Clans in the holding division may be asked to join the league during the season should there be drop-outs or expulsions.

Deciding Sides

In case of a fight over an unoccupied country, a knife fight will decided the sides.
In case of a fight over an occupied country, the defending clan will choose sides.

Match Draw

In case of a tie at the end of the match. MR_3* must be played until there is a winner.

*MR_3 means you play 3 rounds on each side so a total of 6 additional rounds.

Division Champions
When the season has come to an end, the clan with the highest number of countries will be the division champion. In case of equal number of countries, a play-off over 2 maps will determine the winner. If this happens to be a draw, a third (chosen by Eurodomination) map will be played. If this happens to be a draw, MR_3 will apply.

Promotion and Relegations
At the end of the Season, the top team is automatically promoted to the above division and the bottom team relegated to the division below. The second place team in a division will play a playoff vs. the second bottom team of the division above for promotion, the winner of the playoff plays in the higher division and the loser in the lower division.

Medals will be awarded to the top 2 teams of each divison.