Road To Victory Tournament Rules

**** UPDATED August 26th, 2009 ****
The E-Dom Road To Victory Tournament is set up according to the Round-Robin approach, in which each participant plays every other participant once. Each week, a clan plays one match per gametype that the clan has signed up for. The total number of weeks depend on the amount of clans that are in a group. Groups will typically consist of between 6 and 8 clans, which leads to between 5 and 7 weeks of competition.

Eurodomination modified this concept with the possibility to create a Footbally Style League setup with Home and Away matches.

Tournament Rules

Game Rules
All game rules defined on the game rules pages apply to Tournament matches, unless an exception is defined below.

A clan needs to meet the following requirements, in order to enter the Tournament:
- At least 6 members on the clan roster.
- At least 5 matches played in the any of the Eurodomination competitions, at least one of those in the past month.
- At least 75% friendliness and 75% punctuality ratings on the clan profile.

We try to assign all participants (that have met the requirements as above) that have signed up before the closing date, to a group. Clans that sign up after the closing date, will be in reserve to replace clans that do not show up in week 1 and/or 2. E-Dom reserves the right to keep clans in reserve that are least likely to show up, based on no shows in the past and the amount of matches played so far. Any clan that resigns at any point after the first week due to lack of interest will be excluded from the next season of the Tournament. In the event of limited places in the Tournament groups, E-Dom reserves the right to exclude any clan from any season of Tournament if the clan has left prematurely or disqualified from a previous Tournament season.

Depending on the amount of clans that have signed up for a gametype, we may create multiple groups for a single gametype. For the first run, clans will be divided into two groups by their skill level. For example, 40 clans are split up into 2 groups of 20 "higher" skilled and 20 "lower" skilled. From each group of 20, we create 2 groups of 10 randomly. For gametypes with two groups, all clans will be randomly distributed. Promotion and relegation will be applied to those that want to play in the next run.

Match arranging
Fixture dates and times are to be arranged by the two clans involved. To assist in this process, the E-Dom system will attempt to place the fixture on a date and time that are suitable to both clans, based on the days and times both clans played in the past. This date and time has to be accepted by both clans before it is confirmed. If one clan is unable to play at the date and time set by E-Dom, they can propose alternative dates and times to their opponent. The opponent can either accept one of the alternative dates, or counterchallenge with their own proposed dates and times. Each clan can counterchallenge three times. If no agreement is reached, the original date and time set by E-Dom will be forced upon both clans. There is also a deadline before which clans have to come to an agreement. If clans do not come to an agreement before the deadline, an admin will attempt to find a suitable match date and time. If no solution is found, the original date and time set by E-Dom will be forced upon both clans. In the event that only one of the two teams has made any effort in arranging the match (effort is shown by proposing times/dates and posting constructive comments on the fixture page), the the match will be forced to a suitable time/date for the clan that made an effort.

Unlike in the E-Dom League and Ladder, draws can happen in the Tournament. A win is awarded by 3 points, a draw by 1 point, and a loss by 0 points. When all matches have been played, the clan with the highest score wins the group. In case of equal number of points, the largest differenced between "points for" and "points against" scored in matches will determine the winner. If also this number is equal, a play-off over 2 maps will be played, 1 map chosen by each clan.

Team size
All Call of Duty matches are to be played 5v5, except if both clans agree to play 4v4 or 6v6. Such an agreement is only valid if both clans have confirmed the agreement in the fixture comments. A team can play with max. 2 players down.

All Battlefield 3 matches are to be played accordingly: Squad rush (4v4), Conquest IO (6v6), Conquest (8v8) . Only for Conquest, the numbers can be agreed otherwise and only higher than the default sizes. If agreed to higher sizes, ticket percentages for the server settings need to be set according to the Battlefield 3 Game Rules.

Each week, a different map is played. Depending on the size of the groups, the number of maps to be played may be less than the number of different maps available. In such cases, the least played map(s) in the past 2 months will not be included.

In case more matches than maps have to be played, the remaining matches will be put up with the most popular maps.

Default wins / no shows
If a team no-shows a match or gives a default loss at any point during the season, they get all their Tournament matches defaulted against them. Clans that no-show or give a default loss during the first week of the competition are removed and will be replaced by another team where possible.

Each clan in the Tournament will have 1 wild-card per 5 matches per group that they are competing in. Wildcards can be used to reschedule an upcoming tournament match to avoid a no-show or default loss. A wildcard can only be used once per group and can be used at any time before the relevant fixture. Most of the time, newsposts about the Tournament will specify the amount of wild-cards if it's any different than the rules describe.

Note: If clans make no effort in arranging their matches with their opponent or don't cooperate with the reasoning of wanting the original date to be forced, a date suitable for the other clan will be picked.

Temporarily Banned Clans
Any clan that is temporarily or permanently banned from Euro Domination at any point during the Tournament season will be disqualified and removed from the Tournament.

Group Winner
When all matches have been played, the clan with the highest number of points wins the group. In case of equal number of points, the largest differenced between "points for" and "points against" scored in matches will determine the winner. In case of equal numbers in there as well, a play-off will be played.

Medals will be awarded to the top 2 teams of each group.